Wildlife and Plants

Red Rocks Park is a terrific place to observe wildlife and plants. Try a hike on the Trading Post Trail to encounter a variety of wildflowers and shrubs in all seasons.

It’s summer in Red Rocks right now! Here’s a sample of plants you’ll be able to spot over the next few months. We’ll bring you more on wildlife soon.

Spring wildflowers (hover for ID, click to enlarge):
Flowering shrubs (hover for ID, click to enlarge):

Love the flowers but need to know more about them? Visit Rabbitbrush Publishing to order a copy of Wildflowers of Red Rocks Park, by Jan and Charlie Turner. Order directly, or pick up a copy at the Trading Post. Excellent color photos, along with identification tips and fascinating tidbits about each plant will get you up-to-speed in no time!

Volunteers have been creating a native plant garden near the Trading Post at Red Rocks Park for many years. Visit Red Rocks Native Garden to follow their progress and see more plant photos.

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